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What are they known for.

Marugame is known for their amazing udon and cafeterias style restaurants. These cafeterias style restaurants make for quick and fast lunches. Lunches must be fast so workers and students can get back to their normal activities. Another great thing about Udon in Marugame, is that all the udon is 500 yen or less, which is like $4.50 so you don't need to spen an arm and a leg for good japanese cooking.

Like most cities in japan it has a castle. Marugame has one of the smallest castles in japan.

My Personal Opinion

My personal opinion about Marugame is ok. This means that no it is not my favorite city. I only went to the city for Udon and my three hours being there it almost felt almost like a ghost town. For a person who has been to japan many times, like myself, did not mine it, but for a first timer they may be disappointed because it is no way near as fun or as exciting as Tokyo or Osaka. If you have never been to either of those city check my review here.

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