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Kyoto was the capitol of Japan from the year, 794 to about 1868. Being an old capitol it has over a thousand buddhist temples and shrines. Kyoto has perserved it's traditional architecture and is not as bright and futuristic as Tokyo.

Famous Places


Kinkakuji is a buddhist temple completely made out of gold leaves. .


Arashiyama is a large bamboo forest. In the forrest there are many people ready to take you on a rickshaw ride through all the most famous places. Next to the Forrest is a park where you can feed and take pictures with monkeys. This spot is also a great spot to see the city as a whole.


Gion is a very popular street with many resturants and Geisha's. Geisha is a women who dresses up in a kimono and a white makeup. Some geisha will provide food then give a performance, usually a dance. Gion is also very popular for its tea. Tea is freshley brewed and roasted, so the city has a constant home feeling.